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[Guide] Common Game Features

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Posted on 11/24/15 1:18:03 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

You can view all of the key Gods Rush features by visiting the banner on the right side of the screen. Tap the icon above the banner to minimize it.

Heroes: Tap this icon to view all the heroes you’ve collected along with their levels, EXP, Power, Stars, Grade, and attributes. You can also go here to equip your heroes, evolve them, ascend them with shards, and level up their skills.

Bag: Any items that you collect are held here. You can sort them to view equipment, scrolls, scraps, and consumable items like potions.

Shards: All the equipment and scroll scraps you gather are shown here. This is also where you can fuse them.

Quests: You will receive various quests as you progress in the game. Complete them to win Gold, potions, Gems, and other resources. You can also view quest completion requirements and claim rewards from completed quests here.

Daily Tasks: Similar to quests, these are completed when the conditions are met. However, they usually reward team EXP. Daily Tasks are refreshed daily.